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Concept - The Informant

A concept for an informant character in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game. I started off with the silhouettes and I didn't really feel satisfied with any of them, to be honest. But silhouettes 1 and 7 seemed to resonate the most with my professor and peers when I presented them the first time. I actually had the idea to combine the arm and leg prosthetics into the final character from my professor who mentioned something about exploring what could have happened to the right half of the character's body. Originally the arm on silhouette 7 wasn't even a prosthetic, I just drew it very quickly and loosely, but it was interpreted as a robot arm by several people and I just went with it!

Overall I'm very happy with the direction this character is going in. I'm going to continue working on the colors and fabric choices for the final version, but so far everything feels solid to me. I'd like to keep the overall tone of the character on the darker side with some of the pop colors from variant 4