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Knife It Up

A game I made with two other MICA students about shooting knives out of capsule shaped tanks. I worked as the concept artist, UI designer, and sound designer.

Made by Sonja LaRosa, Lci Iarocci, and Zac Bolubasz

"Knife It Up seeks to create a competitive environment where players are in capsule like robots trying to launch knives at their rival. To achieve this goal, players must navigate the eight different camera angles to find and destroy their rival. Through its 60's themed, game show layout, Knife It Up aims creates a comical experience for two players to enjoy."

Knife It Up

Sonja larosa capsule concept
Sonja larosa knife concept
Sonja larosa knifeitup startscreen
Sonja larosa zac bolubasz furniture20000
Sonja larosa zac bolubasz live
Sonja larosa zac bolubasz kitchen
Sonja larosa zac bolubasz top
Sonja larosa knifeitup tutorialps4
Sonja larosa knifeitup tutorialxbox